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Windows Vista - Microsoft Press : Step by Step
7 Hours per Level - Instructor Led Course

Center Benefits - Microsoft Office Courses
Free Online Skills Assessment Tests
Corporate Venue: Onsite or at NLP Tech for MA
UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute
International Curriculum
Certified Instructors
Computer Labs: 1 PC for each student
Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply)

Course Overview
Personalize the way your computer works and looks
Install programs and set up printers and other hardware
Instantly search your entire computer and find exactly what you need
Catalog your digital photos, burn CDs, and play games—have fun!
Connect to the Internet and block unwanted content
Fine-tune your PC's performance and fix common problems

Your all-in-one learning experience includes:
Files for building skills and practicing the book's lessons
Fully searchable eBook
Windows Vista Product Guide eReference—plus more resources on CD

Target Audience - Beg/Int

Microsoft Press Book Details
464 pages, 1 companion CD

Course Outline
1 Getting Started with Windows Vista

Sidebar: Upgrading to Windows Vista
Logging On to Windows Vista
Sidebar: Networks, Domains, and Workgroups
Activating Windows
Sidebar: Identifying Genuine Windows Software
Sidebar: The Perils of Piracy.
Updating Windows System Files
Sidebar: Switching Quickly Among Users
Ending a Computing Session
Making Your Computer Easier to Use
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

2 Working Efficiently in Windows Vista
Finding Your Way Around the Windows Desktop
Using and Modifying the Start Menu
Finding Your Way Around Your Computer
Using and Modifying the Taskbar
Creating Shortcuts to Files, Folders, and Programs
Rearranging and Deleting Items on the Desktop
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

3 Working with Folders and Files
Navigating to Folders and Files
Sidebar: Accessing Your Entire Network

Viewing Folders and Files in Different Ways
Viewing Information About a Folder or File
Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Folders and Files
Moving and Copying Folders and Files
Finding Specific Information
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

4 Personalizing Windows Vista
Changing the Look of Windows Vista on Your Screen
Optimizing Visual Effects
Changing the Desktop Background
Selecting and Managing a Screen Saver
Managing Your System Date and Time
Changing Your Computer's Name
Sidebar: Changing the Name of the Computer Folder
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

5 Installing and Configuring Devices
Sidebar: Need More Ports?
Displaying More on Your Monitor
Configuring Your System for Multiple Monitors
Sidebar: Expanding Your Laptop with Peripheral Devices
Changing the Way Your Mouse Works
Changing the Keyboard Input Language

Configuring Tablet PC Options

Installing and Sharing a Local Printer
Connecting to a Remote Printer
Sidebar: Updating Device Drivers
Setting Up Speakers
Setting Up a Microphone
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

6 Safely and Efficiently Accessing the Internet
Connecting to the Internet
Displaying Web Sites in Internet Explorer 7
Sidebar: Protecting Personal Information
Blocking Pop-Up Windows
Changing Your Home Page
Changing the Appearance of Web Content
Finding, Saving, and Returning to Web Sites
Printing Web Pages
Sending Web Pages and Links to Other People.
Discovering and Subscribing to RSS Feeds
Restricting Objectionable Content
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

7 Working with Programs
Installing and Removing Programs
Starting Programs Automatically
Specifying the Default Program for a Type of File
Sidebar: Changing Your Default Middleware Programs
Using the Programs That Come with Windows Vista
Sidebar: Playing Games
Using and Modifying Sidebar
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

8 Making Connections
Connecting Your Computer to a Workgroup
Connecting to a Domain from Another Location
Sidebar: Creating an Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Connecting Your Computer to a Domain
Accessing Your Domain Computer Remotely
Sidebar: Storing and Managing Network Passwords
Sharing Drives and Folders
Sidebar: Restricting Permission to a Shared Folder
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

9 Working with Digital Media
Viewing and Cataloging Pictures
Sidebar: Retrieving Images from a Digital Camera or Scanner
Playing Music
Configuring Windows Media Center Options
Burning Audio and Data Discs
Sharing Pictures and Other Digital Media Files
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

10 Managing Computer Security
Administering Windows User Accounts
Managing Your Windows User Account
Sidebar: Backing Up Your Windows Password
Limiting Access to the Computer, to Programs, and to the Internet
Analyzing Your Computer's Security
Configuring Internet Security Zones
Sidebar: Protecting Yourself from Phishing Sites
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

11 Optimizing Your Computer System
Improving Your Computer's Performance
Turning Windows Features On and Off
Managing Cached Files
Removing Unnecessary Files
Consolidating Files on Your Hard Disk
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

12 Identifying and Solving Problems
Finding Solutions to Common Problems
Sidebar: Reporting Problems
Finding Information Through a Newsgroup
Sidebar: Getting Help from Microsoft Product Support
Getting Help from Other Windows Users
Backing Up and Restoring Files
Sidebar: Enabling and Disabling Remote Assistance
Restoring Your Operating System
Transferring Software, Settings, and Files to Another Computer
Key Points
Keyboard Shortcuts

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